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Given a user id, returns the “friend” object of the user


Response Format:

  1. id: Number
  2. first_name: String
  3. last_name: String
  4. email: String - each user has exactly one email
  5. registration status: String - indicates how far the user has come in creating their account. It can be “dummy”, “invited”, and “confirmed”.
  6. picture: Object - its values are links to the friend's icon in three sizes.
    1. small: String - 50px by 50px
    2. medium: String - 100px by 100px
    3. large: String - 200px by 200px
  7. balance: Array
    1. currency_code: String - generally “USD”
    2. amount: String - represented as a String to avoid JavaScript's float mayhem.
  8. groups: an Array of groups
  9. updated_at: String - the date when the user's information last changed. Ex: “2013-06-24T20:34:30-04:00”